How to make a website on Weebly

Basic Elements

To add elements all you need to do is click on the element you wish to add and drag it onto the main area of your page.  From there you follow the instructions which might say, "Click here to add title" or "Click here to upload picture".  Clicking here will take you to a page that contains a few short video clips for downloading.

Multimedia Elements

Adding multimedia elements to your website will change it from being an "OK" website to a great website.  Adding multimedia elements follows the same pattern as every other element.  Click, drag, and drop it onto the main area of you page.  When using multimedia elements you will always need to upload, embed, or create a link to another website that contains what you want to add.  Clicking here will take you to a page that has a few short video clips that you can download.

Revenue Elements

If you are business person and developing a business website you want to sell items online the element choices you have will assist in that.  You will need to follow the directions given to set up these elements on your page.  Click here.

More Elements

The last group of elements are broken down into layout, fun, misc, and forms.  You can choose to add these to your website as you wish.  To use some of these elements you may need to register them with the host company.  For the most part you can expect to use them for free.  Clicking here will take you to page of video clips that will demonstrate their addition to a website.